Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Why you should carefully choose your logo color design?

What logo color design is perfect for your brand Did you know that people are very picky when it comes to logo color and visual appearance of a brand? They also tend to make purchasing decisions based on these two features.

Therefore, if you are one of those businesses that is making its way up to the top through the multitude of other companies providing similar services and products, you better pay more attention to your branding visuals.

Choosing a color for your logo design that will identify with your company has psychological aspect as well.

Have you ever wondered why one particular hue is more favored than the other? Did you know that colors evoke feeling, emotions and certain meanings? Well, if you are still in doubt whether to make a more thorough research concerning your choice in color logo designing, then here is your chance to consider it.

Meaning of each logo color design:

Red is a powerful, energizing color. It motivates us to take action. It is also aggressive and bold. It attracts attention. It stimulates appetite.That’s why you will see many restaurants using it in their branding strategy. Using red color in your logo will definitely mean that you are a strong competitor and you are here to be victorious. Also, red is a good contrasting color for interfaces that create pleasant user experiences.

Pink is a color that evokes romance, innocence and femininity. It is sweet and it is usually used by companies promoting women products and services: fashion, beauty, cosmetics. It is also associated with compassion, that’s why you will see many charities use it in their online marketing and traditionalmarketing strategies.

Orange evokes warmness and fun. It is a flamboyant color. Use it to convey adventure, fun and optimism. Because of its juiciness, orange is used in drink logo designs. It can also be seen in hotels and leisure resorts logo branding.

Yellow evokes sunshine, warmness, and playfulness. It stimulates creativity. You can see yellow used in children products. However, keep in mind that as warm as this color is in certain countries, in other parts of the world it is related to illness and jealousy. So, if you want to use yellow, you need to know exactly what you want to communicate to your customers through it.

Green is usually associated with environmental-friendly trends, and bio products. You will see green used by companies specializingl in agricultural products and natural foods.

Blue inspires tranquility. Think of the deep blue ocean and the clear blue sky and you will understand why. Blue evokes security. That’s why you will see blue being used by banks and other financial institutions in their logos.

Logo designing colors to use

Purple. If your brand wants to communicate sophistication and nobility, purple is the color. It also means imagination and creativity.

Brown is the color associated with outdoor activities and will be seen in products designed for men. It also associates with agricultural products as well.

Black is a strong, bold, classic color. It evokes mystery and sophistication. It is often used with white, which on the contrary, evokes purity and cleanliness. When grouped together, these colors balance each other in the best way.

The color that you choose to identify your logo must fit the brand. It must speak to the customers and convince them of the message it is sending. Considering the emotions and feelings it sends, choosing the right color can make or break the deal. Choose the color for the logo design that will make it memorable and identifiable.

Do you agree with opinions about colors in logo design sounded in this article? Write your own in the comments section below.

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