Thursday, December 17, 2015

10 SEO Copywriting Tips to Get Found on Google Search

SEO copywriting techniques to get on Google first page. SEO Copywriting is an important tool in ranking your copy in search engines and boosting your website traffic. And with a little experience, this can become a child’s play.

But it is not only about optimization and ranking we’re talking about here. You want your web copy to be consistent, to engage people and to sell.

We compiled 10 important tips about SEO copywriting techniques. Read through and share.

Know your reader

You want to write copy that appeals and sells to a particular group of consumers. Before starting writing your content, you want to know their social background, age, sex and education level to identify the best approach and writing style to use. Research your audience before you plunge into writing your copy.

Write alluring headlines

Sometimes, good headlines worth a thousand words. You want your headline to attract readers and get that web copy read. The headline is the first thing people read and make an impression about the entire content. Use keywords in it and make your content rank.

Use subheadings

Subheadings make your copy scannable and keep readers engaged in the content. They make the text look well-structured and also describe your content to search engines.

Short paragraphs

Use of paragraphs is important for a good content writing. Every time you have a new idea, start it with a new paragraph. Keep paragraphs short. 2 to 4 sentences are enough to give you the required space to put down and develop your main idea.

Use active voice

When you use active voice in your copywriting, the sentences are easier to understand, direct and shorter. Active voice gives you the option of avoiding unnecessary words in a sentence.
Search engine optimization tips to get higher ranks

Avoid keyword density

One problem the copywriters deal with when writing engaging web copy is the risk of optimizing too much for search engines and forgetting about the purpose of their copy in the first place. Although optimization ranks your content and attracts more clicks, the content is the instrument that sells your products. So, you want to avoid keyword stuffing.

Speak your audience’s language

Speaking your audience’s language means you are from its league. Try using words and phrases that people you’re writing for use often and your content will look more persuasive. Matt Cutts made a video on top SEO mistakes, check it out!

Add links

Links to relevant resources will make your content look more trustworthy. It will mean that you have done your homework and researched the topic to be able to include the most accurate information out there.

Keep content fresh

Web content gets out of date as well. You want to make sure that your audience gets to read only fresh information. Search engines are known to give preference to web copy written on the same topic and which is more recent than the other content that is one or even two years obsolete.

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Promote your content

Writing a well-structured and information-abounding content doesn’t mean that the work ends there. Now you need to promote your content. It will not do the job by itself. Share it with your social media friends. Make people comment on it. Once the activity on your web page will increase, the search engines will notice it and will rank your content higher. This means – you will get more sales.

Bottom line

These SEO copywriting tips are the most basic and relevant ones to make your content rank higher. They are easy to implement and follow and can bring great value to your website. If you want to get returning customers just make sure that the content you write is very good.

Your turn now. Do you find these tips helpful? What other search engine optimization tips, that we overlooked, can you add to the list? Sound them in the comments section below.

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