Thursday, January 28, 2016

7 Rules of a Landing Page Design with High Conversion

To perform well, i.e. to be an engine of lead generation, your landing page must be attractive too. Designing a landing page is a must-do for companies who run marketing and other types of campaigns, as this type of webpage is the hub for leads generation.

The tip is to link your campaign to a custom-created landing page, where your prospects can be enticed to perform a certain action in just a fraction of a second. As it is already known, people lose interest fast if there is nothing to grab their attention.

Here are 7 rules of landing page design that make the deal.

1. Identify your target audience

To design a highly effective landing page you must first identify who you’re designing for. It is vital to know the targeted audience so that you can use appropriate tools to appeal to their needs. Invent a persona to understand its online behavior and expectations from the campaign you’re about to run.

2. Clean layout

Keep the landing page design free from unnecessary clutter. Too many images, videos and information are confusing for the user. Instead, opt for clean and clear layout, with a direct message that will make the visitor to take action, without considering too much. Clean layout is also the prerequisite for easier navigation.

3. Compelling headlines

Headlines are the first thing your visitor reads. Make sure that they are not boring but compelling, luring the visitor to read on and find out what is it for him if he sticks longer. The headline must address a certain point, but which, however, is related to the content of your website.

4. Impeccable grammar

Grammar must be flawless on the entire website, not only on the landing page. If you are trying to build trust with your prospects, avoid grammatical errors, as they are truly a thing that most people find unacceptable.

Double check the copy, ask other people to check it a third and even a fourth time, before posting it online. Even the smallest grammar mistake has huge influence on the conversion rate of the landing page.

5. Irresistible CTA

The Call to Action button suggests the action you want your visitors to take. CTA must stand out on the landing page design, as it is the most significant element of your campaign. Use contrasting color for it, to make it more clickable and action-focused words that produce reaction. Some of the most effective CTA word examples are:
  • Shop
  • Get
  • Save
  • Book now
  • New
  • Download now
6. Social proof and testimonials

If you have good feedback, testimonials from your customers, it is time to make good use of them. Facebook, Twitter and other social media where your company has a profile are good resources for feedback, recommendations and testimonials collection. Consider embedding such content in quotes on the landing page, as it increases credibility in your brand.

7. Add contact information section

Add such information as your address with a map and directions, telephone number, links to social networks as a sign that you are open and accessible.

Create a landing page design that work for you

Landing page design must be eye-catching, as it has a well-defined purpose – to boost prospect conversion. Applying these tips will help you get the result you want in no time.

Test the effectiveness of your landing page and see if there are other tricks that you must incorporate to optimize it and gain more leads.

Do you find these landing page creation rules helpful? Are there any others you want to share with us? Write them in the comments below.

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