Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Corporate Website Design Tips: What to Do, and What NOT to do

Corporate website design, as any other design, follows certain trends that are coming and going. In order to make your online presence memorable and to convey that feel of trust to your existing and potential clients, it is mandatory to keep your website fresh and up-to-date. Your business website is the major tool in analyzing performance of a marketing campaign through analytics. It also helps you generate new leads, make your brand visible, sell and communicate with your business partners.

We’ve compiled a list of tips that you can apply in your future corporate website design.

Corporate Website Design Tips

Less is more: the golden rule in web design

Keep the appearance of your website simple and clutter-free. Too much, like pop-ups, banners, text, buttons, advertisements, icons, can sometimes crowd the layout. Some white space on the page is not something to be afraid of. Nowadays simple is a trend that applies to many fields of our life. Web design is no exception.

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Identify a unique style for your corporate website

Set a style that you want your corporate website design to adhere to. It is essential that the style you choose to be identifiable with your business mission, brand and vision. The website design is perceived as the online business card of your company, so you want to make consistent use of the same style that speaks for you.

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Make your business site text readable

Text is the means through which you communicate with your clients and partners. Its purpose is to provide answers to the questions they have. Therefore, the text on your website must be readable. Make sure that you choose up to three (two is ideal) fonts that you will constantly use while designing corporate website. Also, pay attention to the font size of the text. You want your readers to keep on reading the copy you’ve displayed for their information without the need to use a magnifying glass.

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Make you corporate website design mobile friendly

As we are living in the era of mobile devices and as mobile browsing gets more and more traffic, mobile-friendly website should be a major element to consider. Being mobile-friendly you will reach a larger client pool. And, you do want to ensure that mobile device users enjoy the same smooth and responsive browsing experience as your desktop users do.

Check your business website load time

Make sure your website loads fast. But for this, you need to get rid of all duplicate scripts and included files. It is already a known fact that users are keen to leave a website page that loads longer than 3 seconds. Time is gold and you want to benefit from every second of it to your own good.

Plan annual redesign of your corporate webpage

Once your busines site design is done, there is still no time to lose. Now review and refresh responsibilities step in. A website must be reviewed annually and refreshed or redesigned accordingly.


Corporate website design trends are changing. However, with these simple and basic, yet effective tips you will be able to keep the pace. You do want to keep in mind that the website design of your company is the means through which the business it carries out is introduced to the world and that the first impression always counts.

Are there any other tips for a successful business website design you want to share with us? Write them in the comments section below.

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