Wednesday, February 3, 2016

5 Tips to Build an Online Marketplace Website with High Convesion

  Due to increased popularity of online shopping, designers face the challenge of creating user-friendly, attractive marketplaces that will gain new buyers and will make the current ones return for new online purchases.

As the buyers are choosy in matter of online marketplaces, we’ve put up a list of design tips that will help you design an e-commerce web page that will increase your sales in no time.

1. Easy-to-use online marketplace website design

A user-friendly marketplace design is more likely to attract new prospects and turn them into customers. Therefore, making sure that the user has a smooth interaction with the features that the marketplace makes available is key in building an excellent and positive experience for him.

Here we can refer to well-designed navigational features. Menus, search boxes and sidebar widgets of your marketplace will enable visitors to flow from one place to another, without losing interest.

2. Consistency of design elements

Consistency is what identifies your brand among others in the online realm. Therefore, you need to make up your mind and choose those design elements that will make you stand out from the crowd. Typography, color choice, headers, subheads and other essential features are what make you recognizable and what work for your benefit.

3. Good content

Fresh, unique online content is what brings you prospects. Make sure that the content that is displayed on your marketplace webpage is up-to-date and presents useful, searchable information. By useful we mean information that associates with the product it describes. If it’s clothing, or shoes, you will include size, fabric, material, available colors and other important details.

Also, make sure that the copy is easy understandable and concisely written. Add high-quality imagery that will represent visually the content. As a marketplace, you need to ensure that each product is represented by several high definition pictures, ideally from different sides.

If you are a marketplace specializing in a certain niche, you already have a well-defined community and know exactly what content interests it. Make use of this advantage and give reason to visitors to return to your marketplace website, whether to make a purchase at this or any other time in the future.

4. Mobile-optimized marketplace design

Mobile optimization is a must nowadays. Customers hold different types of devices with different screen sizes and they tend to shift from one to another throughout the day. Consequently, the shopping cart available on your marketplace must sync perfectly across all mobile devices used by your costumers.

Mobile-optimized version of your website will allow your customers to shop on your website, regardless of the place they are, thus contributing to the increase in sales.

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5. Clear access to support

Frequently, excellent customer support experience is what builds loyalty among customers. Your support design element must be visible on the homepage of the website so that the customer can contact you for help, if he needs to.

This also will show that you are open to communicate with your customers, to listen to their complaints, and to every feedback that the customers have about the products or services you provide.

Boost conversion of your online marketplace website

Designing a marketplace website that is interactive, user-friendly and engaging is half the way to increased conversion. What you must bear in mind is that your marketplace must be unique, contain and showcase interesting, fresh products and content and must be tailored to the needs of your customers.

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