Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Tips to Create Awesome Contact Us Page Design

Contact Page Design Tips
Contact us page is the direct link to your current and potential customers. A good design, showcasing your brand’s personality and identity, and the fact that you care about the impression you make on your customers, pay a significant role in reaching out to the hearts of your page’s visitors.

How do you make your contact us page appealing and inviting? Here are several tips and tricks that will help you design a contact us page that will set the beginning of a beautiful relationship with your potential customers.

Keep in mind your business identity

Avoid making your contact us page boring, using standard and faceless templates. Instead, use the style that identifies with your brand. There are different ways of making customers want to contact you, and this refers to the copy, to the information you request from the customer and the visual aspect of the whole page in general.

Make it simple

Simplicity is the feature that ensures better communication with your customers. A short, simple and to the point contact us page will make the difference. 

Use copy that shows off your brand’s personality

Users who get to the contact page are there for a reason. They want to learn more about your persona. Therefore, think about using content that translates your brand’s personality. Keep in mind your audience’s identity and try reflecting it into the contact us form. Use the tone that will make them feel at ease contacting you.

Read about Designing a Brand Identity in Few Steps a get a clue on how to make it appealing for your audience.

Include social media links

The contact us page is the best place to list your presence on all social media websites. It is proof that you are keeping your audience, regardless of the social channels it chooses to follow, up to date about your accomplishments and that you are open to communicate with your audience via any social media channel.

Include maps

If you are a retail business, consider embedding a detailed map. Use Google maps or other resources and show detailed directions to your operation venue.

As an eCommerce owner you may find useful to read Ecommerce Website Design: The Biggest Problems to Fix.


You can now have a pretty good idea of how to design a killer contact us page. Remember that this section is dedicated to your customers in the first place, and if it creates the feeling of a two-sided open communication, the customers will not hesitate to pop you a message.

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