Thursday, February 18, 2016

Game Industry Website Design Ideas to Gain Installs

Game website design ideas.
Nowadays, as the release of a new video/computer game is a big deal, its debut is made noticeable through many means, including the game’s website design. Every new game release lifts to the hype of the release of a film and it entails a lot of work and marketing strategy to gain as many game followers, downloads and installs as possible.

Gaming industry is a niche that, if it fails to go big in the first week, it is hard to catch up later. So, every means that contributes to the game’s success is used to its utmost.  

In this post we will detail ideas that will make your game website design noticeable and appealing and you will be able to gain those downloads in no time.

Make the website design into one single page

Use full-screen picture captured from the game storyline. This will immediately plunge the potential player into the world of the game. Avoid using any other distraction elements, such as navigation bar or link to the company website or support. They are distracting for the player. Once he/she clicks on such an outbound link chances are he/she will no longer return to the game’s website. It is recommended to add these elements on the company’s website, to avoid any potential loss of installs.

Embed the game’s trailer

If the game has a trailer, showcase it on the website. It is preferably to add it via YouTube. The trailer for the game is a short video description of the game’s storyline and it manages to engage them in the adventure. The players can also have a glimpse at how great the game looks and it is also good visual means to enhance the game website design in general.

Write a catchy headline and Call to Action 

Use the company’s logo on the top of the page. Then follow with a headline that makes your game stand out from the others. Explain in one brief headline everything that your game is and others aren’t and what makes people play it. Add a call to action (CTA) button next to it, encouraging people to install your game.

Here's a great article on how to write catchy CTA - 21 Call to Action Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs

Use social media testimonials

Testimonials and positive reviews are a great way to highlight the positive features and experience of other players with the game. It makes possible for other potential players to have a general idea about what other players think about the game. However, avoid using too many trustmarks on the game website design. They look as if you are trying to overuse good reviews to focus on increasing sales (which is true, but you must do it in a less aggressive way).

Repeat headline and CTA

Add a shorter version of the headline at the bottom of the page, followed by the CTA button. This way you make sure that potential players see the CTA button and make a decision fast, without losing interest, having to return to the top of the page.

Email subscription

It often happens that people are just not into buying or installing a game, although you’ve placed important CTAs in their path. This is where newsletter subscription steps in. It is highly recommended to add an offer that people will appreciate and be prone to accept.


Follow these advices to design game and entertainment websites that appeals and engages. This way you can be certain that the potential players of your game will spend as much time on the website to discover as much information about it as possible and eventually install it.  

How do the above game industry website design ideas sound to you? Are there any other powerful practices that you make use of when designing a game website? Sound them in the comments below.

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