Wednesday, February 24, 2016

6 Essential Features of a Good Travel Website Design

Travel industry is the niche with a huge audience and travel agencies must make their online presence represented by a good travel website design.

As there is a multitude of websites specializing in offering travel tips and information sought after by the travelers worldwide, it is crucial to have a professional website design that will ensure an effortless experience navigating through the website.

There are several factors that you must consider before starting designing a good travel website design.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

When planning a trip to a sunny or snowy resort, people hit Google or Bing search engines to search for hotels and trips.
To make your travel website get ranked high in search results and be clicked on by potential travelers, it is advised to have a proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) set in place. This implies researching for keywords travelers might use to find your website and setting up the code allowing the website load faster on desktop and mobile devices.

In order to find the most searchable terms for you business Keyword Planner by Google will be of great help.


Due to the large amount of information, travel website designs can be confusing for first-time users. Does your website provide a smooth experience for users? Is the information well-structured and in an easy-to-find way? In order to be able to have a positive answer to these questions, your travel website design must be custom-built, to reflect both your approach to travelers’ website experience and your brand’s personality and customer-oriented approach.

Regular email campaigns

How do you spark the interest in your travelers? Is there any tool set up to let your travelers find out about an exciting travel opportunity at a great price? Email campaigns are the best solution to increase sales. Integrate an email signup function, either at the top, bottom of the page or as a pop up feature. If your website is visited by avid travelers, they will want to stay up to date about awesome opportunities. And it is a good means to stay in touch with your previous customers.

Online booking system

If you offer travel services, an online booking service integrated into your travel website design is a comfortable way for travelers to book the desired destination, without leaving your site. Avoid including too many fields and making it confusing for the user.

Latest tariffs section

As any other common buyer, travelers are firstly interested in the price of the trips. If he/she can’t find information about pricing, it is most likely that he/she will try to find it on another website. Make sure that you embed the tariffs section into the website design, keeping it updated.

News page

Travelers are interested in learning about new travel locations. Be it an exotic beach, or a rustic village, interesting information will keep travelers returning on your website.

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As an industry that specializes in providing good memories and excitement to millions of people, travel website design must be compelling and user-focused. Put yourself in the traveler’s shoes and identify those features that a user thinks are crucial for a website to be good.

According to you, what are the features that make a travel website good? Is there anything you want to add to our list? Write in the comments section below.  

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