Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What influences the cost of mobile app development?

Every online service or product is accompanied by the development of mobile app.Entrepreneurs thus make sure that they cover a larger audience.

Mobile devices hold a high rate of users. Ranging from cooking focused, sport, travel, entertainment and many more industries, mobile apps have invaded online markets, offering to customers engaging UI, smooth navigation across the app’s tabs and an enjoyable experience.

The cost to develop a mobile application range from several hundred to several thousand US dollars, but if the app proves to be successful and capable of engaging and retaining users, the cost will soon pay off.

We detail below the factors that make a mobile app cost so much.

Factor #1. Mobile app development team
App development cost doesn’t include only the time and hourly rates that apply for the work done. Depending on the project’s specifications and complexity, the development of an app requires employing a project management, 2-3 app developers and at least one UI/UX designer. All these people are to be paid for certain task they will accomplish during the development timeframe.

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Factor #2. Complexity of the application
A mobile app can be either be as simple as that, or more technically complex. Depending on the number of elements and features that add to the technical complexity of the application, the cost of the project will increase. Such features like: third-party integration, backend development, admin panel development, in-app purchases and use of hardware components require time and financial investments.

Factor #3.Devices that the app is developed for
There are a multitude of mobile devices available on the market. However, in order to develop an app for a particular mobile device it is necessary to survey the share of users the said device manufacturer holds and the users’ preferences. Needless to say, that the more the number of devices for which a mobile application is developed, the more time is spent to develop it.

Factor #4. Design of the application
If the customer requires a custom user interface, the cost will be higher. This is related to the fact that all custom elements must be designed from scratch, according to the client’s visions and specifications or the designer’s ideas related to the project.

Factor #5. Post-release expenses
The success of an app does not end with its release. If you want to constantly be in the top among mobile app users, your app must be always upgraded and updated to meet even the most demanding users. All this work means additional effort made by app developers for extra cost.

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These are the core factors that influence the high costs for mobile app development. It’s worth considering that applications are complex products that need to live to your target audience’s expectation. Therefore, you firstly need to identify the audience you’re about to develop a new app, so that all specifications, features and elements identify with their needs. Keep in mind these facts when you see an estimate budget for app development.

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