Tuesday, March 8, 2016

5 UI Tips for Mobile Apps Development

Mobile app development UI design tips.
As mobile manufacturers are delivering more upgraded devices, it is no wonder that mobile application development has reached a new level.

It is understandable, as mobile users are a focus customer segment from all over the globe.

As a business that is targeting this segment of potential customers, it is imperative to have a mobile app that delivers great user experience, with an eye-catching user interface design.

Failure to concentrate on the UI design can affect your app’s credibility and user interaction with it.

UI design tips that must be considered when developing a mobile app

Tip # 1. Consistency
Ensuring that the user interface of your mobile application works consistently is one of the most important things for a successful user interaction. Develop the app in such a way as to make users make similar actions across the app interface and get the same sort of thing happen.

Design consistency is no less significant. Make sure that the buttons are consistently located across the app’s windows and keep to a consistent color palette. Consistency helps your users create a sort of itinerary throughout the mobile app design, avoiding confusion.

Tip # 2. Attention to the button size
The size of mobile application buttons is limited both by the user’s fingers, but also by the screen size. However, too small button means that the user will be unable to touch them accurately.

As most mobile users touch mobile app buttons with their thumb, the rule of the thumb applies. It is important to consider the way users tend to hold their mobile devices and the way they are using the thumb to touch elements in the app.

Tip # 3. Make navigation across the application easy
Ensure that the navigation across mobile app interfaces is easy and effortless for the user. If the user finds it difficult to get from one interface to another, this will soon become frustrating for him and he will lose any interest to keep exploring the feasibility of the app.

Tip # 4. Use color appropriately
Color should be used sparingly across the mobile app design. If you are using color to highlight something on the app’s screen, keep in mind that some of mobile app users might be color blind, and you would want to do something else to make it stand out if you want to be noticed by these people. Also, use colors consistently across the application interfaces to give it a common look.

Tip # 5. Avoid clutter
Some mobile applications tend to display several buttons at a time. This might become confusing for the user. And it is not about the size. The buttons may be designed of decent size, but if the application makes the user to choose to click on one of several available buttons, it might become difficult for him/her.

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Keep to less than 10 touchable UI elements per view and it will be a more user friendly approach to app design.


These are only five of many more of UI design tips for mobile app development. However, keeping to standard user interface design rules will help you develop a UI mobile app that is easy to understand and user oriented.

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