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Thursday, October 1, 2015

To Use or Not to Use SaaS?

Essentially, SaaS or Software as a Service is a software for rent, leased to the client for a period of time. Client doesn’t have to buy it, install it, maintain it, host it or configure it – everything is done by the software’s creator.

It’s a new dawn in the world of information technology and it has a bright future. Software as a service can work in the cloud, it’s affordable, robust and effective.

In what spheres SaaS is used the most?

Given that SaaS usage widens day by day, it’s obvious that it will be used in a wide majority of spheres, such as customer relationship management, collaboration software, HR management and so on.

The great thing about ever-evolving technology is that now you can actually have the entire database in the cloud, accessible via business intelligence software. Simply imagine how much you can save! SaaS can be deployed on a cloud within hours and flawlessly function, saving you a lot of funds and time.

 Moreover, one cannot overlook one of the most important spheres – eCommerce. It gradually shifts to SaaS as well. Taking into account that eCommerce market grows exponentially it’s only natural that in the nearest future there will appear a multitude of new solutions to meet the needs of the eCommerce and marketing.

1. Profits in no time

SaaS Profits
SaaS applications have a significant advantage over traditional model of application usage. SaaS is already deployed and configured.
Company, renting SaaS from the provider can simply register and have the access to the needed and tweaked application in a couple of hours.

Because of this one can save a lot of time and money that otherwise would have been spent on covering man-hours of professional staff, responsible for application deployment and configuring, like in the traditional models.

2. Affordability

With SaaS you don’t have to buy the application, you just need to purchase the license, which doesn’t cost much, unlike the traditional model. Besides, the cost of maintenance is also quite small due to the fact that it is divided among clients, using the same solution. You receive the functionality that you need without wasting a fortune on hardware or application development.

Ready-to-use SaaS solution will allow you to redirect your internal resources (which would have been otherwise tasked with development, deployment and so on) to developing new products or fixing other issues.

Moreover, SaaS providers will configure the software to meet your business needs, so that you won’t have to put any efforts into using it. In many companies, predominantly startups, marketing and/or sales budget is quite small, which is why an affordable solution can truly make a difference.

3. No need in any Infrastructure

SaaS infrastructure

The beauty of the SaaS solution is that you don’t need to have your own IT infrastructure, as it’s being taken care of by your SaaS provider.

With a solution like that you won’t have to hire professionals to create and deploy applications – everything is accomplished by your SaaS provider.

Moreover, you won’t have to watch for updates and upgrades – they become automatically available for all users, renting the software, when the provider makes them.

4. Scalability and mobility

SaaS scalability
With SaaS you’re mobile and need only Internet and web browser, accessing your application from any part of the world, anytime and on any device.

You don’t have to install it, but you get all the benefits of it. 

As a rule, SaaS is located in the scalable cloud and possesses integration with all the other SaaS in the same cloud. If a client wants to take advantage of any other SaaS from this cloud, he can simply enable it.

He won’t have to think about server capacity planning – that falls on the SaaS provider's shoulders.

5. No Issues with Security

SaaS Security

With SaaS solution you don’t have to worry about security of the data you’re entering in your application, your SaaS provider is responsible for it.

Clients benefit not only from the free updates, but also get free security updates. This is extremely convenient as all the data is backed up by the vendor and you obtain disaster recovery at no charge as well.

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