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Friday, January 15, 2016

5 Free Online Tools to Create Infographics in the Blink of an Eye

Create infographics online
Information graphics, known as infographics, are visual representation of information in a simple, easy to absorb, and colorful manner. They make it possible for statistical, historical and media data to be shown in an understandable way. Professional infographics designers use graphic softwares to create infographics designs.

These types of software are developed to treat all elements of an infographic separately and then to bring them together, by rotating, moving, and overlapping them.

However, infographics design software programs are expensive. But there are now a lot of free online tools that can come to the rescue of those who need to create a simple, but well-organized infographic design. Each of these tools offers various options for easy and quick creation of your project and work directly in the browser.

We’ve compiled a list of free online tools to create infographics in a snap

Positioning itself as an online tool that helps to create awesome visualizations of data, and at the same time making it interactive, responsive and engaging, this platform offers four chart types: pie, line, bar, and matrix. It allows editing any chart type with your own information, customizing your chart. The infographic design you create on can be uploaded on your blog, website, or wiki.’s basic version is free with premium plans, such as pro, business and enterprise available for a monthly subscription fee starting at $15 per month.

Infographic maker Canvas

Canva free online tool for beautiful infographic formats provides a wide range of amazing layouts for your design presentations, slides, posters and other visual documents. It has millions of images from which you can choose one that you like, or upload your own, to create amazing design. It provides photo filters to edit photographs, and hundreds of fonts, one of which will certainly be perfect for your infographics desing project. The platform’s service is free, however for high quality layouts you need to pay a certain fee.

Infographic creator

Easel website features thousands of templates that can be used right away for inforgraphics design creation. The platform makes possible for the user to upload his own phtograph and set it as background for his project, adding other various design elements to get its visual representation of information engaging and interactive. As with, the platform is available as a free and pro account option.

Pickto infographic creation tool

Pictochart is an easy-to-use infographic maker which can be a replacement of the human designer. The platform really features simple graphic tools that are easy to use even by the people who have little or no knowledge of infographics design. The service is free to register on, but there are pricing packages, such as Lite and Pro, starting at $15 per month, and depending on the features you want to usefrequently.

Visme allows users to create strong visual content and share it across the web, to extend its reachability. This service offers various types of visual content forms, such as infographics, reports, product demos, presentations, web banners, and many more. It gives the option of editing and customizing your visual content according to your liking, bringing your ideas to life. The user can start free with limited features or get highly creative with one of the service’s Premium plans, such as Standard or Complete, for a set monthly fee.

Love to Create Infographics?

With these awesome online tools for designing infographics that engage and enhance interaction will be a child’s play. Just keep in mind that the infographic is in its turn an instrument to help make complex information easily digestible for the common user and must include small, but significant, nuggets of information.

Do you know any other online tools to create infographics design? Share them with us in the comments below.

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