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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

7 Common Misconceptions about Mobile Web Development

Mobile Development Misconceptions We live in times when most of web-active people are in possession of a smartphone which gives them the possibility to surf the net whenever they find a minute to spare to indulge in the online world. Mobile web development is a suitable solution that will enable website owners reach more and more users across the large spectrum of Internet-connected devices.

However, many of the website owners still don’t understand the importance of a mobile web presence for their business. Mobile websites are completely different now from what they used to be several years ago.

Nonetheless, there are still some common misconceptions related to field, that we will address here.

Mobile websites are expensive

This is probably the most common misconception that website owners have before deciding to board on the mobile user-friendly quest. This, however, doesn’t have to be this way. If the web page has a responsive design and has been optimized and customized from the start so that it can be easily accessed by mobile users, then the price is not a problem. The prices are higher when the developer has to design it from scratch.

Responsive or adaptive web platform for mobile shoppers?

When it comes to this topic, one will hear often the terms “responsive” and “adaptive”. It is assumed that responsive design is associated with mobile design and that an adaptive site cannot be responsive. From technical viewpoint, responsive is an approach in creating sites with optimal navigation and interaction experience, while adaptive is an approach that adapts to the detected device.

In order to avoid such confusion, the website owner should ask several questions related to the strategy and goal of developing a mobile friendly platform:

  • What is the mobile site’s purpose?
  • What experience do you want to convey to your users?
  • How much control do you want to have over that experience?

Mobile friendliness of a website is not important

This is not the case. Surveys have identified that mobile users are taking control over traditional PC users. This is also due to the large range of mobile devices available on the market. Young people, devouring new technologies and tech trends are the main consumer segment of mobile browsing.

Number of mobile users overcomed desktop ones

While this group of mobile users increases, it is pertinent to make their browsing experience intuitive and responsive. Plus, search engines are ranking mobile friendly websites higher in their search results. You should bear this in mind when considering your web development for mobile devices decision, as this may cost you customers and make you lose money.

Mobile web designing is a simple process

This is not quite true. When the web designer is challenged with the task of designing a mobile page for your website he has to ensure that the end user will enjoy the same interactive experience as the one present on the traditional online web page.

Features, content, layout and other mobile web development elements must be catered for the users’ needs and expectations and the business’s objectives. Conceptualization of a high-quality mobile website calls for time and expertise.

A small business does not need a mobile presence

This is another largely spread misconception. If your business is at its inception and you want to make yourself heard and seen by many potential customers, you should definitely consider expanding your online presence so that it can be accessed from as many devices as possible.

Too much white space on the screen

White space on a mobile friendly website is even better. It makes the content more readable and does not fatigue the user’s eyes with crowded text. Ensure that you include only the most relevant information that relates to your business’s goals and objectives.

Once the mobile website is developed, the game is over

As with all websites, it requires ongoing maintenance. Trends are changing and improving at the speed of light and your mobile website must keep the pace. Users are always attracted to modern features and functionality and to keep them engaged and coming back for more you should give them what they are looking for.


The era when mobile web development was one more option to be considered by website owners is gone. Now, businesses can make a bigger statement in the online realm if they put on the tray all that is attractive to people, who prefer the convenience of a mobile device. And if you disregard what your customers need, they will simply go somewhere else to find it.

What other mistakes regarding mobile development would you add to our list? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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