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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Improving User Experience, based on Motif

Improving user experience, based on motif Motif is a cornerstone of success in every IT company, although it is undoubtedly hard to see for someone, unrelated to any field of IT. Due to its big impact on improving user experience we will look into the root of the problem to get the full grasp of idea.

Nowadays, every project accomplishment requires collaboration between people of various professions that work together to create something complex and productive. This task is quite challenging, especially in terms of determining who gets the upper hand in deciding the direction the project must take.

When it comes to improving user experience we need to identify what makes the product/service great. People of every part of the team can come up with an answer. Problem is – every team will have its own opinion, based on the deep knowledge of their own field and inability to fully grasp other's point of view.

But what can a team do to find the unique equation that’ll work for all? It’s simple, really – all they have to do is find motif. A motif is a unique element that unifies all the conflicting sides. It can be something as simple as color or style that everyone perceives the same with little to no difference.

The importance of motif cannot be underestimated in terms of quality, as well as in sense of uniting multidiscipline team. If everyone is on the same page and work towards the same direction, there is a greater chance that people will be discovering something useful and meaningful, adding value and complexity to the project, as well increasing its functionality.

Use motif as a powerful way of improving user experience and delivering amazing product

Motif can also be used to create a unique and unusual digital experience to the point where people are thinking about the feature and associating it or something similar to it with your brand. For example, swiping on iPhones. When iPhones haven’t been available yet, the overwhelming majority of devices required tapping or pressing. Making swipe the first interaction became a genius motif, introduced by Apple that distinguished it from the rest.

So how do you find the motif of your product/service? In order to do that, you need to outline its feature that is so exclusive that customer will be able to find it only in your product/service. Improving this feature and putting some time and effort in its development will unite the team and allow reach common ground and understanding between all team members.

Bottom line

Consider improving user experience by integrating motif into the first-use of the product/service. If you do that, you will be able to naturally make users dependable on this feature, without making them feel like they are being forced to like or appreciate something. Make sure your unique feature is in its best shape and will require little to no tweaking in future. Remember that motif is really a basis for your marketing campaign, so choose wisely what feature to make your motif and how qualitative it must be.

What you do for improving user experience? Have you found what differentiate your website from others? Please share your opinions with us in the comment section.

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