Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Why you should carefully choose your logo color design?

What logo color design is perfect for your brand Did you know that people are very picky when it comes to logo color and visual appearance of a brand? They also tend to make purchasing decisions based on these two features.

Therefore, if you are one of those businesses that is making its way up to the top through the multitude of other companies providing similar services and products, you better pay more attention to your branding visuals.

Choosing a color for your logo design that will identify with your company has psychological aspect as well.

Have you ever wondered why one particular hue is more favored than the other? Did you know that colors evoke feeling, emotions and certain meanings? Well, if you are still in doubt whether to make a more thorough research concerning your choice in color logo designing, then here is your chance to consider it.

Meaning of each logo color design:

Red is a powerful, energizing color. It motivates us to take action. It is also aggressive and bold. It attracts attention. It stimulates appetite.That’s why you will see many restaurants using it in their branding strategy. Using red color in your logo will definitely mean that you are a strong competitor and you are here to be victorious. Also, red is a good contrasting color for interfaces that create pleasant user experiences.

Pink is a color that evokes romance, innocence and femininity. It is sweet and it is usually used by companies promoting women products and services: fashion, beauty, cosmetics. It is also associated with compassion, that’s why you will see many charities use it in their online marketing and traditionalmarketing strategies.

Orange evokes warmness and fun. It is a flamboyant color. Use it to convey adventure, fun and optimism. Because of its juiciness, orange is used in drink logo designs. It can also be seen in hotels and leisure resorts logo branding.

Yellow evokes sunshine, warmness, and playfulness. It stimulates creativity. You can see yellow used in children products. However, keep in mind that as warm as this color is in certain countries, in other parts of the world it is related to illness and jealousy. So, if you want to use yellow, you need to know exactly what you want to communicate to your customers through it.

Green is usually associated with environmental-friendly trends, and bio products. You will see green used by companies specializingl in agricultural products and natural foods.

Blue inspires tranquility. Think of the deep blue ocean and the clear blue sky and you will understand why. Blue evokes security. That’s why you will see blue being used by banks and other financial institutions in their logos.

Logo designing colors to use

Purple. If your brand wants to communicate sophistication and nobility, purple is the color. It also means imagination and creativity.

Brown is the color associated with outdoor activities and will be seen in products designed for men. It also associates with agricultural products as well.

Black is a strong, bold, classic color. It evokes mystery and sophistication. It is often used with white, which on the contrary, evokes purity and cleanliness. When grouped together, these colors balance each other in the best way.

The color that you choose to identify your logo must fit the brand. It must speak to the customers and convince them of the message it is sending. Considering the emotions and feelings it sends, choosing the right color can make or break the deal. Choose the color for the logo design that will make it memorable and identifiable.

Do you agree with opinions about colors in logo design sounded in this article? Write your own in the comments section below.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Responsive Website Design: 6 Lessons To Learn From Your Competitors

What to learn from others for  building a high responsive website. It is already a known fact that people tend to brows internet from their mobile devices more than ever. It is thought that by 2017 there will be more than 5 billion mobile users. So, how do we make their browsing experience enjoyable?

This is where responsive website design comes up. Imagine you have a solution for all types of screen sizes and you no longer need to develop a separate mobile website to adjust it for these users.

But it is important to ensure your webpage loads and reformats itself for any specific device, be it a tablet, mobile phone or desktop.

Here is a list of tips you could learn from your competition related to designing responsive websites:

1. User experience

Responsive sites can be accessed from any screen size. Thus, when a user shares the link to your website with other user, the other user will easily access it and open it on a tablet or laptop. Since your website performs well on different platforms, users will be keener to share it with their friends.

2. Loading time

Responsiveness ensures fast loading time for your website. So you will be able to keep users engaged in your content, avoiding their possibility to access another webpage.

3. SEO-boosting

Probably one of the biggest tips that can be shared is that Google favors mobile-friendly websites. The most popular search engine prefers responsive designs and ranks it at the top of its search results. Google even offers free testing tool to analyze your pages, and receive suggestions on how to improve the mobile responsiveness of your website. Therefore, if you are a small business you definitely need to consider this option.

Lessosn to learn from your competitors in matter of responsive designing.

4. Time saving

Responsive web pages are time saving. You no longer need to develop a stand-alone mobile website, but rather configure the existing one to perform excellently on all devices. You can spend this time creating new products and services that will increase your reachability. It also saves management costs. It is cheaper to manage and maintain a single site, with less content.

5. Generate leads

We already mentioned that responsive layouts boosts SEO. Enhanced SEO generates more traffic which converts leads into users.

6. Long-term relevance

Investing in responsive design is, in the long run, a smart decision. Internet traffic coming from mobile devices is constantly increasing. So you want to make sure that your website is optimized to perform well on all devices, even those that haven’t appeared yet.

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Responsive website design allows you to be ahead of all trends and gain and attract more traffic that ultimately converts into users. If users are happy with the way the content of your site displays on their mobile devices they will eagerly and smoothly migrate from one page to another, enjoying the same user experience provided by traditional sites.

What other tips one can learn from competition in matter of responsive design? Make your thoughts heard in the comments section below.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

9 Reasons You Should Invest in Content Marketing

How important is content writing for developing a successful business. Content marketing has become an indispensable tool for smaller businesses to promote their products and services in the online world.

Although it requires special skills and ability to use words in a way to convince customers to turn their attention to and become loyal customers of your services, it's cheaper than any other means of marketing persuasion.

Good and clever content writing can make you stand out from the crowd and become noticeable.

Therefore, if you are still thinking whether your writing imagination is not enough to enhance the traffic on your website, you should give it a try and see what happens.

Here are 9 reasons you should invest in web content marketing that we have identified and want to share them with you.

Your business is at its inception

Small businesses need much more than just traditional advertising marketing campaigns to raise awareness to their products and services. Today, consumers are looking for fresh and engaging ideas, and what can be better than a well-written, information-trustworthy piece of content? You should make your presence noticeable by sharing information on platforms that your costumers are spending time.

You need to become trustworthy

Businesses that are not afraid to share fresh, innovative information with their consumers are those who have only to gain. Digital marketing allows you building a trustworthy relationship with customers and potential customers with fewer costs. This will not happen over the night, but if you are willing to educate and give away valuable piece of content, you will increase your credibility.


Although marketers are obsessed with social media marketing, you should not forget about search engine optimization. This internet marketing drive will push your content on top of Google search results, as long as it is fresh and custom-made.

Boosting traffic to your website

Nowadays every business has a website. But how to attract new customers and boost traffic, when there are so many options to choose from? Your website is your marketing tool. Hire a website content writer to create content that is intuitive and helps drive traffic to your website.

Strong reasons why investing in content marketing is a brilliant idea.

Lead generation

There is no other better-proven means of generating leads than intelligent writing. No more cold-calling to promote your services and products. You can control your leads by simply creating intuitive content.

Engaged customer base

Engaged customers mean buzzing business. Great piece of content will make this easier to achieve.

Cover global market

Creating high-quality content makes your online presence noticeable and set you as an authority in your domain. You can interact, discuss with everyone who is online, and nowadays their number is outstanding.

Great ROI

Valuable content enables you to measure the ROI, which, often, is much higher than the ROI yielded by traditional marketing means. Thus, you can get long-term effects from good content with little investment.

Minimize crisis

It is no secret that, at some point or another, businesses might face crisis of trust deficit. However, a strong writing strategy can minimize this crisis and you can play the card in such a way as to turn the discussion into the direction you want.

Do check you website content from time to time to observe whether it's still relevant for your business. Your services are evolving, so that make sure update your business information according to you actual situation. This procedure is called "content audit". Click the link to find out why and how you should do it.

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Content marketing is exploited by many businesses in the net environment. You should know that an intelligent, engaging way of acquiring costumers through your content can drive profitable action to your business. Readers are more likely to respond to fresh ideas and pieces of content. Therefore, with great content be sure you will be alive on the net for a long time.

What are other reasons, according to you, that address the need to develop a strong content marketing? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

Friday, November 27, 2015

5 Mobile App Design Trends of 2016 You Need To Know

Mobile page designing changes Mobile devices are invading our life and their enormous popularity has challenged apps designers to come up with attractive and exquisite ideas for the consumers. They have to keep up with the ever-changing design trends so that their final products be enjoyable and not obsolete.

Here are 5 mobile app design trends of 2016 that you should consider when laying another app for mobile devices on the consumption table.


Gestures are those tapping, flicking, dragging, pressing, zooming, rotating and other magical tricks that activate the app. They are comfortable for app users and are easy to use on devices of various sizes and shapes. One thing that mobile app designers should keep in mind is that most people tend to hold their smartphones in one hand and deliver these gestures with their thumb. Therefore, they must take into account the space they need to work with to make the app and gesture sync.

Pastel colors

Pastel hues are making their way into the mobile app trends. What makes this trend a good one is that the pastel-colored background allows for the application’s important features stand out and not take the user’s attention away from them.


Typography is the backbone of mobile app design. It is known that our main means of communication is through text. Therefore, the proper use of typography is essential in improving UX. Text must stand out on the app’s interface and black text on a white background is the best choice in matter of readability for app users.


Previous mobile applications were more static than they are today. With continuous development of smartphones and their more powerful capacity to support heavy-animated applications, designers are using this opportunity to make the application design more dynamic. Animation is also the element that improves the user’s visual experience.

Mobile designing trends


The above trends relate to the more technical part of the mobile app design. One thing that makes users come back to your application after their first encounter is the degree they have enjoyed the application. Playfulness of an application is the key for your app design to engage users in the interactive aspect of the application experience. This trend gives mobile designers green light to their imagination and creativity.

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If you want your apps design to be distinguishable and catchy don’t neglect these design trends. Whenever you are designing a mobile application you should always think about the user experience and user interaction with the product that you will make available for their consumption. Therefore, in order to be able to gain as many users as you can, your mobile app design must be unique, but at the same time in line with the users’ expectations.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

7 Common Misconceptions about Mobile Web Development

Mobile Development Misconceptions We live in times when most of web-active people are in possession of a smartphone which gives them the possibility to surf the net whenever they find a minute to spare to indulge in the online world. Mobile web development is a suitable solution that will enable website owners reach more and more users across the large spectrum of Internet-connected devices.

However, many of the website owners still don’t understand the importance of a mobile web presence for their business. Mobile websites are completely different now from what they used to be several years ago.

Nonetheless, there are still some common misconceptions related to field, that we will address here.

Mobile websites are expensive

This is probably the most common misconception that website owners have before deciding to board on the mobile user-friendly quest. This, however, doesn’t have to be this way. If the web page has a responsive design and has been optimized and customized from the start so that it can be easily accessed by mobile users, then the price is not a problem. The prices are higher when the developer has to design it from scratch.

Responsive or adaptive web platform for mobile shoppers?

When it comes to this topic, one will hear often the terms “responsive” and “adaptive”. It is assumed that responsive design is associated with mobile design and that an adaptive site cannot be responsive. From technical viewpoint, responsive is an approach in creating sites with optimal navigation and interaction experience, while adaptive is an approach that adapts to the detected device.

In order to avoid such confusion, the website owner should ask several questions related to the strategy and goal of developing a mobile friendly platform:

  • What is the mobile site’s purpose?
  • What experience do you want to convey to your users?
  • How much control do you want to have over that experience?

Mobile friendliness of a website is not important

This is not the case. Surveys have identified that mobile users are taking control over traditional PC users. This is also due to the large range of mobile devices available on the market. Young people, devouring new technologies and tech trends are the main consumer segment of mobile browsing.

Number of mobile users overcomed desktop ones

While this group of mobile users increases, it is pertinent to make their browsing experience intuitive and responsive. Plus, search engines are ranking mobile friendly websites higher in their search results. You should bear this in mind when considering your web development for mobile devices decision, as this may cost you customers and make you lose money.

Mobile web designing is a simple process

This is not quite true. When the web designer is challenged with the task of designing a mobile page for your website he has to ensure that the end user will enjoy the same interactive experience as the one present on the traditional online web page.

Features, content, layout and other mobile web development elements must be catered for the users’ needs and expectations and the business’s objectives. Conceptualization of a high-quality mobile website calls for time and expertise.

A small business does not need a mobile presence

This is another largely spread misconception. If your business is at its inception and you want to make yourself heard and seen by many potential customers, you should definitely consider expanding your online presence so that it can be accessed from as many devices as possible.

Too much white space on the screen

White space on a mobile friendly website is even better. It makes the content more readable and does not fatigue the user’s eyes with crowded text. Ensure that you include only the most relevant information that relates to your business’s goals and objectives.

Once the mobile website is developed, the game is over

As with all websites, it requires ongoing maintenance. Trends are changing and improving at the speed of light and your mobile website must keep the pace. Users are always attracted to modern features and functionality and to keep them engaged and coming back for more you should give them what they are looking for.


The era when mobile web development was one more option to be considered by website owners is gone. Now, businesses can make a bigger statement in the online realm if they put on the tray all that is attractive to people, who prefer the convenience of a mobile device. And if you disregard what your customers need, they will simply go somewhere else to find it.

What other mistakes regarding mobile development would you add to our list? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Basic Website Usability Tips to Keep Customers Returning

Website Usability Tips to Keep Visitors Coming In simple words, usability is what makes your website’s design pleasant and convenient for visitors. The more you know about how to improve this aspect, the higher chances to build a website that visitors will love. We put together a list of website usability tips meant to help you build an outstanding user experience, that will turn into higher conversion. How wouldn't want it?

You might know that your website has only 5-7 seconds to capture the attention of the visitors. During this frame time you have to make them stay longer and convince them that they came to the right place in order to find product or service they were looking for.

So how can you ensure that? It’s not that hard, you just need to arrange the content of your page in such way that all the vital information is at hand and the navigation is intuitive.

5 Website Usability Tips to Follow

Keep the most important information at the top of the home page

Since your website opens on homepage, it’s the first thing your visitors see. First of all, it must contain company’s name and logo. If you want your brand to obtain visibility in the digital environment – make sure you have a magnificent logo and clearly seen company’s name.

Content of the page must correspond its title

The last thing you want to do is to confuse your clients. If they came to buy mobile phones – make sure they will find what they are looking for right on the homepage.
Your company’s phone number must be right on top of the page. Thus, in case your potential client sees that you provide services he requires, he can easily find your phone number and call you.

Any promotions, seasonal, weekly, monthly discounts, sales and announcements of the same nature, must be on top of the home page or below the left menu. People like promotions and free things in general, which is why they will be more likely to browse other pages of your website in case they see promotions.

High contrast and pleasant color palette

Smart color scheme using is one of that website usability tips you really have to stick around. There exists an entire field, dedicated to studying color and its effects on human psychology.We perceive green as calming color, red as aggressive and alarming and so on. Combination of the right colors can attract target audience to your website and convince people that your company is the obvious choice. For example, in case your website deals with real estate or finances – it will be unwise to use an entire palette colors. Grey, white, black and dark blue will be more appropriate choices.

Contrast also plays a huge role in improving customer's’ perception of your website. And is one of those site elements that is going to affect your website usability if neglected. Black text on white background is considered ideal. Nevertheless, there can be various situations, where you want to play with the colors. In such case, when in doubt – open Word, write something and apply the colors you want to use. If you find the result irritating for the eye – don’t use it.

Call-to-action buttons must be easily accessible and visible
These elements people need to notice right away. You can use colors to stress them or make their outline brighter than the filling color.

Use familiar shapes

It’s not a secret that people love everything new, exciting and shining, however, some things need to be familiar for users, otherwise they will get irritated and simply leave your website.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If you want to create interesting buttons – use the same shape and assign them the usual purpose, but change their color and font of the inscription. Thus, people will not be disappointed, as clicking such buttons will get them where they want to go.

In general, you need to design your website keeping in mind what you would like to see on home page of any website you browse. It will be of great help in estimation of the overall website usability.

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Bottom line

Use these website usability tips to create a use-centered site that invite visitors stay longer and even buy from your website. Make sure all important information is properly displayed and there’s nothing that cause your visitors quitting. Placing vital info on the top, using pleasant color pallet, making call-to-action buttons visible and using familiar shapes are the basics of creating a great web usability.

Let us know if you have other website usability tips you implement to increase user experience in the comments section below.

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